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Why Your Hotel Needs Advance Hotel Management Software

Technology in the hotel industry continues to advance at a rapid pace and hotel management software remains the essential part for the hoteliers to run their business efficiently. Nowadays, both the travel and hotel industry is coming up together to generate their sales through cross-sales connection. Hoteliers are collaborating with multiple online travel agencies to sell their rooms through indirect channels. But at the same time, hoteliers are not overlooking the essence of their hotel management software. With an online platform, hoteliers can streamline their administrative processes and improve its hotel management system.

Before investing in any business, we all go through a deep study to understand the market place and identify the latest trends and demands. The most common service millennial travelers prefer to buy together with flight ticket, is hotel room. So, you cannot rely only on flight booking option, if you wish to get more customers. Therefore Hotel Extranet come to the forefront that enables hoteliers and OTAs to come together and collaborate to increase their sales. It stands for Hotel Central Reservation System and is used by resorts, lodge and hotels to provide quality service to the clients through an online platform.

What is Hotel extranet?

It is a technology that allows hoteliers to streamline their administrative task and increase their bookings through online channels. It provides hoteliers access to unique log in and password management and enables the customers to get all necessary information related to accommodation, price, deals and discounts, images of the hotels and hotel rooms etc. With hotel extranet, hotelier can get access to their inventory and rate management and decide whether they are able to increase or less room and apply the dynamic rate for their room category.

What is the purpose of developing an online channel?

When a hotelier decides to develop Hotel XML API Integration, he makes his product and service available to his targeted clients. It should allow you to actively drive direct bookings to your website and help the hoteliers to maximize the revenues that you generate from direct bookings. Apart from that, it easily implements your distribution strategy, creating partnership with different types of only travel agents in the industry. Hotel Extranet is a computerized reservation system that revolves around storage and distribution of information concerning hotels, resorts or lodge. The best part of hotel API integration to your online travel portal is, it is flexible and so hoteliers can include various latest offers or updates instantly and it helps scaling-up the margin of your business.

Some basic features of hotel extranet are mentioned below:

  • Manage rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book
  • View and manage history of all confirm, modified and cancel bookings
  • A user-friendly site where user can get all the information with single search
  • Connectivity of online travel agents and mobile booking engines
  • Multiple distribution system emphasized with channel manager usage
  • Flexible and scale up the margin of your business
  • Agent allocation
  • Use various mark-up on agents
  • Take care of supplements, mandatory or optional supplements
  • Hotel distance from airport, railways etc.
  • Handle hotel blackout
  • Handle rooms on the basis of minimum, optimum and normal occupancy, extra bed, permit pets or not
  • Manage seasons
  • Auto email and SMS alert for booking verification and confirmation
  • Deal with room facilities
  • Deal management system to enter package plans and make them available on all reservation channels like B2B, B2C for reservations.

Benefits given by the API provider for Hotel are:

  • Reduce margin of error
  • Increase productivity and sales
  • Works and deliver results instantly in compare to the earlier manual system
  • Build customer loyalty

When you consider Hotel extranet, you get the ability to enhance your sales through direct and direct channels and it also helps managing rates, availability and other data from a single point of entry. It gives you the opportunity to secure more bookings by updating a huge number of occupancies which are required by you and gives you the advantage of reducing cancellation and makes you an effective and reliable hotelier in the industry.